Daniella Allfree


About: Daniella Allfree former Miss Italy & Miss Great Britain Finalist has been a successful Fashion model for 8 years.

After success in Miss Great Britain launched her UK modelling Career Daniella has been a very successful model working through a vast ammount of top agencies across the country.

Her work has included campaigns for large lingerie lines "Ruby Pink" "Panache" and "Miss Mandalay" She is currently the face of ShapeWear Brand "Your Secret" that launched its couture range in 2012.

Daniella took Italy by storm when she represented England in Miss Italy in the World competition. She went on to do catwalk shows and live show presenting in Malta & Italy. She appeared as a guest judge for the Italy regional Finals in Sciliy & Catania.

Back in the UK she gained a diploma in Television Presenting at the London Academy of Radio Film & Television & studied Media at Alevel. She has done a vast ammount of TV work, from live TV, music Videos to adverts and movie VTs and at present is the in house Presenter for The Single Seed Centre.

Daniella is now busy modelling Full time. Her main work is Fashion, Beauty, Lingerie, Bridal, Editorial & commercial. She has also done lots of appearances & promotional work. & has recently joined Team WFR as a Grid Girl for British Super Bikes.

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